What We Do In This Class

If booty dancing and yoga had a love child; buti yoga would be the end result. Get ready to let loose, shake your booty and raise your heart rate in this high intensity, fun aerobic dance work out.  Buti Yoga is a dynamic physical practice fused with primal movement, HIIT cardio, tribal dance and deep core engagement.

Buti yoga is a safe empowering environment to connect again with your feminine nature and sexuality with other beautiful sexy women!   Get ready to shake it, let those pony tails fly, and wear whatever sports bra and booty shorts make you feel like a B0$$ !! Bring a girlfriend and make it a date!

Difficulty: All Levels Welcome

Class length: 60 Minutes

New Clients

Please arrive 15 minutes early to class to ensure the best experience. Rental yoga mats and towels are available.

“Why be moody when you can shake your booty??”

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